Simple Pest Control Guide for Winter


When Winter steps in the menace of pests increases alarmingly. Pets take shelter at your door steps to enjoy warmth and are a headache for each householder. A few simple steps can keep the pests away as the realty of pet menace creeps in this winter.

Recently, National Pest Management Association (NPMA) released Bug Barometer forecast for the upcoming seasons. Pest experts are expecting a lot more pressure than as usual. Just watch NPMA’s graphical representation.

pest control services Pest control Jonesboro pest control NPMA National Pest Management Association bug barometer 2017   NPMA is suggesting several tips to avoid these winter pests to get inside of your Home.

  • Seal holes, cracks and outlet pipe holes to prevent rodents entering your house.
  • Use winter proof window screen guards and fill the gaps in doors, walls and windows.
  • Keep firewood used for heating purposes at least 20 feats away from the house as mice and ants would find shelter over such places.
  • Organise your store-house properly and keep store boxes off the ground to help avoid rodents.
  • Avoid placing objects at the corners of the kitchen to avoid cockroaches and ants.
  • Be sure not to have any moisture or water dripping parts inside your home especially around dish washing tub, drainage outlet, etc. Keep surfaces always dry to avoid termites and pests multiplying in your home especially damp area.
  • Use proper ventilation in the exhaust areas and keep it always dry.

Winter is all about snow wind, snowfall, frost and thus moist, dampness cruise along all the way. Follow simple steps for a pest free winter season and welcome a healthier life. Get quick tips from Acme Pest Control services to guide you for a healthy pest free winter.


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