The simplified model of a termite life cycle indicates the three castes,

  • Reproductive
  • Soldiers
  • Workers

Due to the vetermite life cycle termite control Jonesboro termite Pest control Jonesboro   ry fact that termites are hemimetamorphous insects, even the nymphs participate within the social life and have their specific tasks to fulfil. The to date poorly understood conception of caste determination doesn’t appear to be definitive or too rigid. Once the caste of a personal is set, development into different castes continues to be potential. Soldiers, additionally spoken as intercastes may turn out to be employees or perhaps into reproductives, if there’s a shortage of people of different castes. This method is controlled by pheromones. Within the case of the queen, there’s a particular ‘queen’ secretion, preventing different people from turning into queens. given that the queen is removed or dies, will the dearth of the particular secretion promote the event of a replacement queen.


It possess compound eyes and are more or less brown due to their sclerotized cuticle. Developing reproductives have wing buds, wings or wing stumps. Reproductives can be further divided into.

  • Alates, the young winged reproductives of each sexes. From time to time regarding one hundred to a thousand alates leave the colony for a pairing and colonising flight. when pairing a combine settles down at an acceptable web site sort of a decay scar on a tree so as to ascertain a replacement colony.
  • De-alates, alates that forged their wings when the colonising flight and in turn become queens and kings. at first solely many eggs square measure arranged  and remarked by a feminine de-alate. because the variety of people within the colony grows, the a lot of staff square measure obtainable to assist the young queen to worry for the brood. when 3 to 5 years the amount of people is already thus giant, that the colony of a pesterer species will become the damaging stage.
  • Queen and king, that square measure the most generative people during a colony. Once there square measure several staff to assist the queen, her solely job is to supply an incredible variety of offspring. an oversized queen might lay quite a thousand eggs per day. The era of a queen is the maximum amount as fifty years.
  • Neotenics assist the queen in birthing eggs, once her productivity decreases. once the queen has died or deteriorated, one amongst the neotenics takes her place.That is the reason why the removal of a queen from her colony does not necessarily mean the end of the colony



Workers area unit sterile,termite life cycle termite control Jonesboro termite Pest control Jonesboro   apterous and blind males and females. Their cuticle is coloration and not hardened, so the animals area unit confined to a dark and damp setting. employees build the nest and galleries, they fetch food, look after the brood and feed reproductives and troopers. The worker’s era is one to 2 years.


Soldiers are, like employees sterile, apteral and blind males and females with a coloration, unsclerotized cuticle. Troopers defend their colony from intruders by the employment of powerful jaws and/or by ejecting a white sticky repellent from a gap on their head. Troopers can’t feed themselves, they need to be fed by employees. Typically the amount of troopers is far smaller than the amount of employees. Troopers may be articulator or nasty, looking on the species. Thus troopers may be used for the identification of insect species. The life of the troopers is one to 2 years.

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