Termite Awareness Week – March 2018


During the spring season, the National Pest Management Association promotes Termite awareness week and this year it takes place from the 11th to 17th of March. The NPMA organizes this week as an occasion for homeowners to increase their awareness of termites, more specifically about damages they cause, methods of prevention of termites, and when to conduct inspections. The emphasis of the week-long event is to prevent termite infestation.

Termites are “silent destroyers” making fast moves in destroying wood, flooring, and creating damage before it’s ever even noticed. Here are some termite control tips to help you save time and protect your home.

Wood Mulch: Wood mulch placed around the home structure usually contains moisture and is a main food source for termites. Avoid using mulch near your home’s foundational structure.

Gutters:Termites love clogged gutters and the moisture they hold. Cleaning gutters is a necessary step for termite prevention.

Firewood Stacks: Keep stacked firewood at least five feet from your home. Termites love wood and keeping firewood close to your home may encourage breeding and infestation.

If you have found any signs of termite infestation, call Acme Pest Management Inc. for a proper termite inspection and eradication. We use Termidor for treatments and it is proven 100% effective in eradication. Stay in touch to learn more healthy tips on pest control and termite control from ACME.

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