Spring Cleaning Tips for a Pest Free Home


Finally, spring has arrived, and home owners are preparing and gathering materials for cleaning their home. This change in season invites bugs and pests into your home. Therefore, one must give special interest to finding pest spots while conducting spring cleaning.

Here are some suggestions for avoiding pests in your rooms:


Ants are the most common spring bugs and will carry food particles around kitchen spaces. They are the first to reach dropped food particles and can be noticed carrying food down their line. These ants may damage the wooden parts of the home, especially in damp conditions. To deter ants from entering your kitchen, you must clean kitchen work spaces and cooking areas before and after cooking. It is important to use warm water and disinfectants to clean the kitchen surfaces. Also, sweep the kitchen floors once you have finished cooking.

spring pests spring pest control spring cleaning tips

Pest Free Kitchen

Kitchen cabinets, where cereals and flours are kept, are where beetles and ants search for food and where they are most often found. Clean and remove the flours and cereals that attract the pests to avoid infestations. Clean your kitchen cabinets regularly and keep storage cabinets neat to help make them pest free.


Since they love moisture, the bathroom is a place where cockroaches and silverfish frequent. Since it is not possible for them to live for a week without water, it is best to check for and remedy any water leaks from pipes and fittings.

spring pests spring pest control spring cleaning tips

Pest Free Bathroom


Cleaning the bathroom using warm water and disinfectants will prevent these pests from roaming around. Be sure to clean the nooks and corners of the sink, tub, and toilet with disinfectant to keep away pests. Also, it is best to dry the moisture content from the bathroom to prevent infestation.


spring pests spring pest control spring cleaning tips

pest free basement


Basements are the most desired home space for rodents and spiders for it has corners and dark spaces where this pest can survive unnoticed. Scan your basement area thoroughly for possible areas of infestation. Also, avoid clutter to reduce potential hiding spaces. Cardboard boxes are easily accessible to rodents and spiders, so it is recommended to use plastic storage bins with lids for storing items. Be sure to seal any cracks properly, as mice and small insects may enter through these small cracks.


Aside from the routine cleaning missions this spring, adopt necessary pest control methods as well. While considering the above tips, be sure to request a pest inspection from Acme Pest Control at the beginning of the spring season to avoid surprises. We offer termite and pest control services in Wynne, Paragould, Blytheville, Osceola, Corning, Pocahontas, and Jonesboro, AR.

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