10 Tips to control pests without using pesticides in your garden


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Getting rid of pests like Insects, bugs, rodents from our garden seems to be a big priority for the gardeners. We often use Pesticides to kill pests. But United states Medical Association suggests that Pesticides have been linked to a range of health problems in children, including autism spectrum disorders, diabetes, birth defects, cancer, obesity, asthma, hyperactivity and behavior problems etc.

  1. Remove all standing water from the yard.
  2. Remove clutter where pests set up house which includes newspaper stacks and plastics. Seal food in airtight containers.
  3. Repair leaky plumbing, and seal cracks and block holes both inside and outside the house. This helps bar pests from entry and freedom of movement.
  4. Don’t destroy webs. Spiders serve as natural predators to most pests, so consider them helpful housemates.
  5. Enlist predatory insects, birds, and other wildlife to feast on pests by creating a hospitable habitat in your backyard.
  6. Build a bat house in your yard.
  7. Prevent the occurences of ants by vinegar and coffee grounds, aphids by garlic and cayenne pepper.
  8. Insects like ladybugs and lacewings will prey on plant-damaging pests or their larvae and promote a healthier environment for your crops.
  9. Use garlic and onions to the plants is a way to kill aphids and apple borers.
  10. Mineral oil organic pesticide had the most impact on the environment by smothering the aphids.
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