How to prevent Zika Virus using mosquito control methods?

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Zika is spread by the Aedes species of mosquito including the Aedes aegypti mosquito which predominantly bites during the day.

There have been some reports of Zika being transmitted sexually. Zika has been found in semen two months after illness and in the female genital tract.

According to the NEA, you can help protect your family and loved ones against the Zika virus by preventing the breeding of Aedes mosquitoes.

You may do so by:

  • Changing water in vases and bowls on alternate days
  • Removing water from flower pot plates on alternate days
  • Turning over all water storage containers such as buckets and pails
  • Covering bamboo pole holders after doing laundry
  • Cleaning roof gutters and putting BTI insecticide in them monthly.

When at home or outdoors you may prevent mosquito bites by:

  • Using insect repellent
  • Wearing clothing that covers your body, arms, and legs
  • Sleeping under mosquito nets

CDC (Center for Disease Control) says the potential spread of mosquitoes carrying Zika now includes nearly all of Arkansas. Jonesboro and Northeast Arkansas is a potential high-risk region because of the prevalence of Mosquitos in this region. As the mosquitos carrying Zika spreads throughout the United States, ACME Pest Inc. – Pest Control and Mosquito Control, Jonesboro, Arkansas, says “Reducing the risk of exposure to Zika is the same as increasing mosquito control in and around your home”. It is important to pay attention to steps for mosquito control, and our technicians are standing by to help you and your home from the threat of mosquitos and Zika Virus.

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