Fun Facts in Pest Control


Pest control has always been a huge issue for homeowners. In recent times, with the advancement in pest control and management techniques, you can keep your house pest-free much more easily. But what did they do for pest control in the past?

Have you ever wondered how people used to get rid of pests from their home & garden in ancient times? Well, here are a couple of fun facts for you highlighted below:

Cats to Kill Rats: In ancient times when no pest management industry existed, people tried different ways to keep rodents and other pests away from home. Everyone is familiar with the rivalry between cats and rats. People back then used this to their advantage and kept cats as pets to get rid of mice, rats, etc. This technique is still used in some rural areas today.

Predator Ants: Just like today, people have always struggled to keep pests out of their crops and gardens. Back then, it was a difficult task to save crops from plant-eating insects. One technique that became successful was the use of predator ants to destroy other pests. Predator ants feed on other insects, so using them to eat the pests that destroyed the crops allowed the crops to grow and thrive again.

Pest Control & Inspection

At some point in our lives, we all deal with pest control issues. You might see ants marching across your kitchen, cockroaches scurrying around in your cabinets, or rodents hiding inside your walls. Pests have been and will probably always be a nuisance to homeowners. Luckily, now the pest control industry is active and thriving, so you can keep your house pest-free with a regular inspection from local pest control services.

To schedule an inspection or remove a pest infestation in the Jonesboro or Northeast Arkansas areas, call ACME Pest Management at (888) 535 – ACME (2263).

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