Bed Bugs Treatment


Bed bugs infestation has increased rapidly. According to the reports, it has increased up to 500% all around the world. This has raised fear and concern among people, as the insects are more frequently being found in homes and hotels. It is extremely hard to eliminate them since they’re nocturnal and small with a capability to resist temperatures below freezing up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

One of the easiest ways of preventing bed bugs infestation is to avoid purchasing used furniture. In addition, you can wash and dry your clothes in high heat after coming back from a trip. You can also find some DIY kits to treat bed bugs at home. But unfortunately, it is very hard to get rid of them because your DIY kits & sprays might kill some of the bugs but it will definitely not kill all the bed bugs or their eggs. In turn, it will be more expensive and frustrating to try to treat it by yourself. You best bet would be to call a professional exterminator like ACME Pest Management, as soon as you find out about the infestation. Then, our professionals will examine your home or office and determine the best method to exterminate bed bugs from its source.

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