Bed Bugs – A Nocturnal Insect!


A bed bug is a little parasitic insect that feeds on human blood like a vampire. The bed bug obtained its name because it is often found in areas where individuals sleep, like beneath the mattress, on the mattress, or in the frame of the bed. These bugs are nocturnal insects and generally get out during the night to feed. Although they are not nocturnal all of the time, occasionally they come out during the day.

Recently hatched bedbugs have a translucent body, which changes color as they mature. After feeding on blood, their body color changes into a deep red-brown and their body size increases. Adult bedbugs are as little as a quarter of an inch long and have a rusty red-brown body that’s almost flat in shape.

In order for one to correctly exterminate bed bugs, you need to know precisely what attracts them in the first place. They like to feed on animal blood and can be normally found on most hot-blooded animals such as humans, dogs, cats, birds, bats, etc. They are especially drawn to those with poor hygiene, like wildlife animals. Bed bugs are also drawn by human body heat and odor. They’re attracted to dark, warm places which are a suitable environment for them to breed. They might lead to anemia because they feed on human blood. They can also lead to body rashes on the skin when they clog the surface.

There are a few effective methods you can use if you suspect your home or mattress has bed bugs. Utilize a vacuum cleaner to eliminate the bed bugs in areas where they have established a habitat, like beneath the mattress, the bed frame, furniture, carpet and rugs. Remove your bed sheets, blankets, sleeping garments, curtains, and carpet; wash them in warm water or steam; and dry them in high heat so the temperature kills off any leftover bugs. In addition to these steps, if you have pets we suggest you wash them on a regular basis with antiseptic soap and dry them with a blow dryer.

Rubbing alcohol is an effective toxin to use against mattress insects because it kills them as well as their babies on the spot. Utilize a spray bottle to spray the alcohol on the mattress or other bug-infested regions.  Insecticides are also a very efficient means of killing and repelling bed insects. They come in various forms like sprays, powders, liquids and solids.

If these DIYs fail, do not hesitate to give us a call at 888.535.2263. Our experts are trained to handle bed bug infestations and will clear them completely from your home.

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