10 Tips for a Pest-Free Kitchen!


Keeping a clean and pest-free kitchen is the key to a healthy home. Here are some quick tips to protect your home from pesky pest invaders!

1. Don’t throw unwashed cooking pans or dining ware into the dishwasher. Instead, quickly rinse all plates and bowls soon after use and then place in the dishwasher or store them in a dry and safe area.

2. Keep cereal and other food items in airtight containers to avoid attracting cockroaches and ants.

3. Store cooked food in the refrigerator after use to keep away from flies and other pests. Storing food this way adds another layer of protection and greatly decreases the likelihood of attracting pests.

4. Clean electronic cooking appliances soon after finishing food preparation.

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Kitchen Pest Control

5. The kitchen sink is an easy entryway for pests to slip into your kitchen. Make sure the sink waste pipe passage is safely enclosed and out of reach of potential invaders.

6. Cleanliness is crucial for having a pest free kitchen. Wipe down cooking and serving surfaces with sanitizers and antibacterial liquids soon after use. Then, use clean dry clothes to dry the surfaces and serving table.

7. Keep the kitchen floor crumb-free by sweeping after meals are finished. This will take care of any food particles accidentally dropped and prevent small insects from collecting them.

8. Emptying the trash 2-3 times a day will also help keep away unwanted pests.

9. Regularly check food storage cabinets to see if the area is becoming a pest paradise. If you find any pest attack, immediately take pest invasion steps. Clean cabinets once a month by replacing the broken containers.

10. Before cooking, it’s good practice to wipe down cooking surfaces with cleaning liquids to remove if any traces left by creeping insects.

While total pest prevention is never guaranteed, taking preventative measures through practicing clean habits will certainly reduce the risks of attracting unwanted guests. For even more complete security, experts recommend monthly pest inspections. Contact ACME Pest Management to easily set up inspections and perfect your pest protection today! (888) 535 – ACME (2263)

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